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Make Out Tips for Both Guys and Girls


Do not overthink things or try too hard to read a woman, because you risk ruining the situation. If you’re flirting with someone, it’s not the time to lay out all your cards right away. Establish a mutual attraction without directly asking her to sleep with you at first. Uncertainty is essential. She is left wondering forever what you are thinking. You can sprinkle in some seductive maneuvers to pique her interest in you while you work. Most guys make the mistake of telling their new girlfriends they love them too soon. Even though your feelings for her are evident, you should hold off on telling her. Maintain your composure; create some tension.

Kiss gently

You should get to know your girlfriend well before you make any bold statements to her. It could backfire if she senses you’re trying too hard and becomes either threatened or bored. Make conversation and try to move past the friend zone with her. You need to be likeable, and one way to do so is to demonstrate an interest in the things that she values.

Start sending her cheeky texts and giving her late-night calls if you’re feeling saucy, but make sure she’s cool with it. The initial messages should be easygoing and clutter-free. If she returns the favor by flirting with you, you can move in closer. Make her feel highly attracted to you without actually touching her just yet. If you have to meet her face to face, try to throw her off by not talking about the sexy stuff right away. But if she starts a lewd conversation, that’s a good sign that she enjoys the subject. Keep the smack words to yourself while no one is present.

Approach her more closely

Sit down next to her after a bit, but make it look casual. You should probably just walk into her room since you’ve been flirting so much. One of the most alluring things you can do is pull a girl’s hair. Don’t be too harsh, though. Don’t yank on it passionately. Do it somewhere quiet where just the two of you can enjoy the sparks of attraction between you. Feel free to grasp her waist as she walks or stroke her hands as you talk. Compliment her when she speaks, and make some of your touches seem unintentional. When you say goodbye to her, give her a big hug.

Raise the sexual stakes

Your partner ought to be getting a horny tingle right about now. At this time, her desire for you has been piqued by your careless touching. Approach her and whisper something in her ear. Gently tickle her fingertips and whisper to her. When you tease her, make sure she has all she needs. Feel free to run your fingertips along her arms, but do it quietly and without comment. You need to pay close attention to the cues she provides you, such as her slurred speech or droopy eyes. So this is how you know she’s interested in you sexually.