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Ways To Know For Sure A Guy Secretly Likes You

  1. Pay attention to how he carries himself

Be aware of the way he acts and talks around you (his body language). Even if you’re in a large group, it’s a good indicator if one of the guys is leaning in close to you. Even at a distance, you may notice that everything about him is directed at you, not just his eyes. This includes his face, hips, and toes. If that’s a regular occurrence, you’re in luck; he likes you.

  1. Eye Contact

One of the best indicators that a guy likes you behind your back is when he makes direct eye contact with you. You can read his true feelings for you in his eyes. You could find yourself the subject of his extended gazes or get the impression that he is continually checking up on you. It’s possible that he wouldn’t ever be the one to break eye contact with you, preferring to wait until you did so first. The chances are high that he likes you if he exhibits these behaviors often.

  1. If he’s into you, he’ll make an effort to make you laugh

A guy that likes you will do anything to make you happy. For him, nothing is more important than your happiness. Everything he cares about is making sure you’re content, whether you’re in a big group or just hanging out by yourself. While you’re feeling down, he might try to cheer you up. If he acts this way around no other girls but you, it’s a good sign that he likes you.

  1. His Relationships with Other Women

It can be challenging to decipher the signals being sent by males, especially when they are in the company of several women. To gauge if you are envious or unhappy, he may play up his friendliness with other girls when you are nearby. He’ll be continually monitoring your responses to see if he’s won your approval. But, a shy guy might avoid talking to other girls when you’re present to show you that you’re the only one who cares to him.

  1. If he likes you, he’ll text you right away

If, despite his hectic schedule, he takes the time to respond to your text message, you know you can rely on him. When compared to his other buddies, you may experience a stronger sense of connection through texting. While communicating with a shy guy via text, he can learn more about your daily routine with greater ease. If a guy has a crush on you, he may wish that every conversation he has with you will go on forever. A long time will pass because no matter how incoherent his ramblings, he always manages to come up with a topic that both he and the listener can talk about for an indefinite amount of time.